Our Journey - Baby diet
Baby food India

Indian – in spirit, soul and seasoning!

Do not make it bland. Do not forget our traditional ingredients. Do not add salt. Make sure the grandparents like it.

These were among the many tips and advice we received from friends, family, mothers and grandmothers, while developing our Happibo recipes. It was only apt.

Raising a child in India is a family festival of sorts. Traditional foods, numerous pieces of advice and over-cautious grandparents are part of the vibrant culture that the child grows up with. Happibo had to capture this.

Our products blend in the goodness of our age-old traditions with traditional ingredients cooked in a way that is quintessentially Indian.

Driven by parents,
led by a mother

Becoming a mother was the most beautiful day of my life!

With motherhood also came the highest level of responsibility – my child. As a working mother, there were times when cooking healthy, wholesome meals five times a day proved to be difficult. Curd rice, roti-jam and doodh-roti started appearing on my son’s plate more often than I liked and I knew it wasn’t right.

When I looked for alternatives to my own cooked food, nothing tasted real or was chemical-free or suited my son’s Indian palette.

After interacting with hundreds of mothers, I realised I was not alone. Happibo is the result of people around the world connecting with the purpose of raising healthier, happier kids. We hope that it, in turn, helps bring more parents together!

Harshada Joshi

Founder and a HappiMom

Meet our team

Harshada Joshi

Harshada Joshi

Founder and mother to Avyan

The soul behind Happibo, Harshada has over 10 years of experience in the Healthcare sector, working on drug safety and clinical trials. She has a Masters degree in Pharmacy from NIPER Chandigarh. Harshada is a foodie at heart and is the one behind our recipes. As a mother herself, she makes sure there is nothing harmful for your little one in any of the Happibo products. Harshada has the loving support of her three-year-old son, Avyan, and her husband and partner in everything, Rohit.

Satya Pulakurthi

Bhagavathi and Satya Pulakurthi

Co-founders and parents to Ashritha and Anirvan

Bhagavathi and Satya Pulakurthi share a common passion and two lovely children, Ashritha and Anirvan. Both food technologists, Bhagavathi holds a degree from IIT Kharagpur and Satya from Lincoln University, UK. They collectively have over 20 years of experience in the food industry and have worked with several companies around the world. Bhagavathi and Satya enjoy the challenge of coming up with the ideal technology for Harshada’s variety of ingredients.


Avyan Kumar

Official food taster

The youngest of our team, three-year-old Avyan is our official taster. Sometimes, he tends to be very picky – but we always listen to him. None of our recipes move forward if he doesn’t like it. And trust us, he is pretty good at identifying taste anomalies. Needless to say, your child’s meals are in good hands!

Our scientific advisory panel

In our pursuit of helping parents lay the foundation of healthy eating in their kids, we are fortunate to have a highly experienced board of scientific advisors. These experts have decades of experience and have seen eating habits of thousands of kids. They help us with their knowledge on how we can make a difference.

NK Subramanya

Dr. Subramanya NK

He is a resident Pediatrician as well as Professor at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore. He has won various accolades during his tenure as the Secretary of IAP and his area of interest is Pediatric Pulmonary. He guides us with his understanding about ingredients and their impact on kids.

Jyothi Setlur

Mrs. Jyothi Setlur

She is a well known voice in the field of nutrition and since 2010 she has been focusing on pediatric nutrition. Earlier she was the Chief Dietician at Manipal Hospital where she also co-published a book on child nutrition. Her experience and knowledge helps us understand age appropriate ingredients, tastes and textures.